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Request Funds/Pay Dues/Join

Anyone requesting Vance Association membership
should Write a check of $20.00 for one (1) year $40.00 for two (2) years etc. of Association membership.

You do not need to be a Vance crewman to join the Association.
  • You can become an Associate member.
  • Associate members can not vote for Wardroom billets.
  • If you are a family member you can join.
  • Each adult (18 years old or older) included in the family membership shall be entitled to the same voting rights and privileges as a Vance crewman.
  • Only Association and Family members attending reunions can vote for Wardroom billets.
  • Any member can attend reunions or other Vance Association functions.

If you are requesting issuance of funds for Association related expenses, or a refund for a previously approved expense, you must submit said request (voucher) to Disburser.

The request shall then be considered in the Wardroom.
Upon approval of an expense voucher, a check, signed by both the Disburser and the Executive Officer, will be issued.

Contributions of any amount are welcome.
Please make all checks payable to:

The Vance Association
C/O Robert Howey, Disburser
1037 Willow Cove Ct. E.
Jacksonville, FL 32233-2768

The Disbursing Officer can also be reached by E-mail at Disbursing Officer
Association Bank Account is with Wachovia,
Account Number 2000015999337,
Harbor Place Branch,
Atlantic Blvd.
Jacksonville FL.

An East Coast Bank which has branches from Massachusetts to Florida.