From: John Helmer To: History Sent: Mon. 9/29/2014

I am the eldest child of Frank V. Helmer and Hilda Caldwell Helmer, and noticed that there are two versions of my father's name on your website, Frank V. Helmer and Frank W. Helmer.

Frank V. Helmer correct.

The USS Vance was the first (1944 - 1945) of my father's five ship commands over a long seagoing career, and he regarded the Vance and his shipmates on her with fondness and pride for the rest of his life.

He retired as CG District Commander in Seattle in 1970, and died there on May 12, 1988 (not 1985 as per your TAPS page). He is buried at Arlington Cemetery.

John C. Helmer, CFA