Building a DER 1/48 scale RC model with Steve Buchanan

I am building a 1/48 scale Radio Controled DER, it has twin electrics, sound module for the 3"50's, and I'm trying to get the torpedo's to fire.
1/48 scale comes out to about 76 inches in length.
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Notes and a Thank You From Steve to the crew.


Started January 13, 2001...The latest pictures are at the bottom.

It's further along than this shows but the camera is in the shop
steve_b/mod10.jpg Shaft and rudders installed
steve_b/mod20.jpg Hull from scale shipyard
steve_b/mod25.jpg Motor mounts and reduction gear fabbed and installed
Thursday, January 18, 2001
Watercooled electric motors installed
steve_b/mod33.jpg Added center section
steve_b/mod35.jpg Added deck and pilothouse
steve_b/mod40.jpg Added main mast and after 3in. mount
steve_b/mod45.jpg Added stack and foremast (radars rotate).


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