Photos by Ed Juchnowski


tn_uss vance 1_sm.gif

Sasebo Japan March 1969 L-R Carl Sandell, Ronnie Breaux, Sam Brocculari, and me.

tn_uss vance 2_sm.gif

January 1969 in the berthing area USS Vance (down the ladder past the company store)

tn_uss vance 3_sm.gif

November 1967 Pearl harbor - In the yards.

tn_uss vance 4_sm.gif

July 1968 USS Vance call sign top to bottom - NTHE

tn_uss vance 5_sm.gif

June 1968 taken off Qui Nhon Vietnam coming back from shore (some children orphanage we helped)

tn_uss vance 6_sm.gif

May 1969 perk being a signalman got some good bow pictures

tn_uss vance 7_sm.gif

November 1967 on the forecastle USS Vance L-R
Rick Branan- Iowa, Ed Cebular- NJ, Rich Wyzykowski - NJ,
Tim Chiniewicz -NJ in the background Dennis Scheuemann

tn_uss vance 8_sm.gif

USS Savage somewhere off Vietnam - my notes - Taking on equipment

tn_uss vance 9_sm.gif

July 1968 off Vietnam - firing the forward 3 inch (no recollection of what we were shooting at)

tn_uss vance 10_sm.gif

Dec 1967 Pearl Harbor - on the starboard side flashing light

tn_uss vance 11_sm.gif

August 29, 1968 our sister ship USS Forester

tn_uss vance 12_sm.gif

January 13 1968 Hau Lien Taiwan (watched Fantastic Voyager on the side of the ship that night)

tn_uss vance 13_sm.gif

George Blust at work during replenishment at sea!

tn_uss vance 14_sm.gif

L-R ?, Wyzykowski, Branan, Turturro

tn_uss vance 15_sm.gif

Vietnam 1968

tn_uss vance 16_sm.gif

Vietnam 1968

tn_uss vance 17_sm.gif

Grande Island Philippines April 25,1968 - Tuturro clowning around

tn_uss vance 18_sm.gif

Hong Kong April 1968 alongside USS Hissen

tn_uss vance 19_sm.gif

Vietnam July 1968 - Larry Henze - at his 50 cal. boarding station

Vietnam July 1968 - boarding party on fantail - cook in the background must be ready in case they start lobbing fresh fruits and vegetables