Captain Leland D Holcomb
F100D Super Saber driver

Mr. Betters, it is with great regret that I inform you of the loss of our Dad on April 28, 2012.

Leland D Holcomb was the F100D Super Saber driver that the Vance pulled from the sea in 1965 after he bailed from his burning plane. (page 5 of the history of the Vance website) If not for the Vance and it's crew, I would not have had the pleasure of my Dad for all these years.

He was father of two girls, Grandfather to 6, pilot for United Airlines for 30+ years and was still flying with the US Coast Guard out of the Sacramento CA area up until his sudden diagnosis of an inoperable cancer of the adrenal gland which had already spread.

He met this challenge, as so many things in his life, with extreme dignity, determination and a plan which was true to his way of living , forgoing life extension for quality time with those he loved.

His life was airplanes, and as his daughter I am now in possession of many of the artifacts of that life including the cherished USS VANCE DER plaque which he treasured, as well as the pictures of his rescue provided by Vance crew members. He left a rather large wake with all he accomplished, his leadership and talent for flight, and will be missed greatly by many including his family, friends and the many pilots he instructed and mentored for so many years.

Feel free to contact me if needed for any reason.
Dawn Meicher

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For those who wonder why Captain Holcomb is listed here. The Captain was a Vance Association Memeber.


Thank you so much for the nice Taps page.
Here are some photos of Dad.

As a young man, a photo of him around the time of the Vance rescue. The 'experiemental' is actually an F-100D restored in the 90's and flown by Dad as there were few who could. And one of recently.

Thanks again for your communication!!!!!
Dawn Meicher