Werner A. Loeb
Loeb, Werner A.

1943-45, DE-387 MoMM2c, Plank Owner.
Werner was part of Vance Association.

Received via Facebook.
Ronald Loeb
Ronald Loeb Tue 8:40pm
I have a message to send to the USS Vance Association web site. I am sorry to report my father, Werner A. Loeb, passed away on October 13th, 2016 of heart failure. I believe he was a motor machinist mate, third class. He was one of the ship's plank owners, and, because he could speak German, was a member of the prize crew that boarded the German U boat the Vance had captured.

11:47am You accepted Ronald's request.

I am truly sorry to hear this news, Ronald. I only met your dad a few times between 1999 and 2002 reunions. I could be mistaken on how many reunions. The DE guys were all great men. They all donated what they could to building the ships website. There are stories of Werner listening to the crew of the U-873. I will get this sad information posted on our website. I will also strike his name from the mailing list. Thank you very much for the news, Ronald. Joseph Betters, webmaster ussvance.com and saddened shipmate Type a message...