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Hello here is various again.

I will try to explain the history why I try to get the adress of Werner Loeb.

I am 23 years old and I study elektro-technik. Since 5 years I am very interested about U-Boats. So I read many books about this subject. And on once day I heared that there is a man in Seckenheim the village where I life in Germany where was on a U-Boat. So I met Mr. Georg Seitz where was on U-604 and U-873. Since that day Mr. Seitz and I met each other to speak about the technik of U-Boats and the history. As a result of this he told me the story about U-873 at May 1945.

The Story is, that after the war was over the Vance drove together with U-873 to Portsmouth. At this time it gave a speach between Mr. Seitz a crew member of U-873 and Werner Loeb a crew member of the Vance.

In this speach they found out, that they come from the same town in Germany. The name of this town is Mannheim. This could be because Werner Loeb went to the USA before the war began. So it was possible that the met each other.

There is also a German Newspaper text about this story. I will send it to you in the near future, because at time my scanner is broken.

Mr. Georg Seitz tried after POW to get the Adress of Werner Loeb to write a letter to him.He tried it many times but without success. But last week I surfed in the internet and found the Story of the Vance and the e-mail adress too. So I tried to get the adress of this way.

As a result of this I thinke it will be very interesting for Werner Loeb and Georg Seitz to stay in contact by writing letters. I hope we speak from the same Werner Loeb where come from Germany.

I send you also a picture of Mr. Seitz and a picture of U-873. Also a List about the crew members of the Vance at this time where you can read the name Werner Loeb. And also a List of U-873 where you can read the name Georg Seitz.

I send this to you, that you can see that the story is true.

I give you the adress from Mr . Seitz, so you can give this to Werner Loeb, that he can contact him with a letter.

Thanks a lot .

The address of Georg has been forwarded to Werner.
And Thank You,


Georg Seitz
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U873 in Portsmouth,NH after surrender, morning of May16,1945
Mr. Seitz is 4th from left in bottom row, at arrow.
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Crew List of U873, surrendered May11,1945;
SEITZ, Georg; rank Oberfunkmaat (Radioman2c)
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11 May 1945, Prize Crew OF VANCE ABOARD U873
BRANIN,Alvin W. S1c;
EHLERS,Wilbur EN1c;
FALLER, Carl M. Cox.;
FISHER, Ray E. GM2c;
HANSEN, Ludolf Jr. SoM2c;
KEMP, George E. S1c;
KOGLER, Charles S. S2c;
LOEB, Werner A. MoMM3c;
MARCIN, Joseph RM2c(T)USN;
MC CLAIN, William W. S1c;
MAC KAY, Donald K. S1c;
NEWCOMB, Herbert J. SM3c;
PARKS, Alvin H. S1c;
QUITONI, James MoMM1c;
REID, William C. GM3c;
WHELPLEY, Oscar N. BM2c; YOUNG, Robert C. SM3c
SCHMIDT, Carlton J. LT USCGR XO, Commanding Prize Crew
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