USS Vance
    Vance Association

September 20, 2002

Albany, NY

Meeting called by:  

Joe Betters 

Type of meeting: 

10th Annual Reunion 


John Prideaux 

Muster Report: 

Duane Baumgartner

Joe Betters

George Blust

Ted Bolinger

John Bulla

George Drew *

Joe Gallinoto

Ozzie Henry

Harry Hess

Jody Himebaugh

Bob Howey

Bill Lukaniec

John Prideaux

Earl Quinn

Brian Spooner

Bruce Swanson

Burgess Trent

Mike Stainbrook 

* Attended reunion, but missed business meeting


  1900 Hours, All Hands On Deck
Missing Ship's Movement
Welcome New Shipmates
Old Business
New Business
Executive Session
All Hands Muster On Deck 
All Hands Muster On Deck   

Muster Report: 

Standing in for John Johnson, Joe gave the opening remarks and welcomed all shipmates and their cabin mates to the 2002 Reunion   
Missing Ship's Movement   
Shortly after John & Mylese Johnson weighed anchor in Rockledge, Florida with orders to report to Albany, Mylese had to attend sick call. John immediately charted a new course for the nearest medical facility and awaited further orders. Dispatches received to date report that, although serious, Mylese is doing well. John & Mylese, with regrets that they will miss the reunion, wish a good time be had by all attendees.    
New Billets   

Duane Baumgartner, ENCS, stationed in Lafayette, OR, DER-387 1967-1969

Jody Himebaugh, SM, stationed in Woodstock, VT, DER-387 1965-1968.

Bob Howey, SKC (Ret), stationed in Jacksonville, FL, DER-387 1965-1968.

Mike Stainbrook, Capt (USNR, Ret), stationed in Hughesville, MD, DER-387 1964-1966. Mike recently completed service to his country on August 24, 2002. Congratulations Captain Mike Stainbrook!

Bruce Swanson, DC3, stationed in Lakewood, NY, DER-387 1965-1966 


Old Business 

Discussion: Establishment of the USS Vance Association, as proposed by Curt Willett during the 2001 reunion.

After a brief discussion by all, to include dispatches received from John Johnson & Curt Willet, it was unanimously approved to ratify the Association. The following duty roster assignments were then proposed and seconded:  


Commanding Officer – John Johnson 

Executive Officer – Curt Willett 

Communications Officer – Ted Bolinger 

Computer Officer – Joe Betters 

Recruiting Officer & Retention Officer – Bob Howey 

Disbursing Officer – Jody Himebaugh 

Chaplain – Bruce Swanson 

Yeoman – John Prideaux 

Master At Arms – Duane Baumgartner 

Historian – George Blust  


Action items 

  1. Disbursing Officer to establish a checking account in the name of The Vance Association. It is proposed that two signatures be required for disbursements, but this may be modified to permit one signature up to a specified amount.
  2. With prior experience in such matters, Disbursing Officer will investigate opportunity for IRS approval of the Association as a nonprofit entity. Jody will draft the Association’s Charter and submit to Executive Committee for review.

New Business 

Discussion: 2003 Reunion – 60th anniversary of the USS Vance

Proposals were received that the reunion be held in Galveston, TX, Annapolis, MD or Great Lakes, IL and that reunion’s tour of duty is inclusive of November 1, 2003.

Actions items: with preliminary reports due the Executive Committee no later than 15 October, 2002, George Blust will investigate opportunities to support a reunion held in Galveston or Annapolis and John Prideaux to do the same were a reunion to be held at Great Lakes.

Bruce Swanson took the lead in making a generous donation of $100 to the Association and other mates followed his lead.


Chaplain Bruce Swanson held prayer services and the meeting went into Executive Session.

Executive Session

  1. A general discussion was held of the duties and responsibilities of the Executive Committee and how duties may overlap among members.
  2. Jody led a discussion of the format requirements for establishing the Association’s Charter.
  3. John Prideaux will develop a newsletter with a frequency of monthly-quarterly as media content dictates.
  4. Proposed and seconded that a dues structure of $20 per year be established with payments by check made payable to The Vance Association and forwarded directly to the disbursing officer:

The Vance Association

Jody Himebaugh

1626 Westerdale Road

Woodstock, VT 05091

Addendum Notes

Prior to conclusion of the reunion’s events on Saturday night, several mates had already submitted their dues and additional donations to the Association had been made by a number of mates. Subject to verification by the Disbursing Officer, Association funds are held in the amount of $120 in collected dues and $325 in shipmate donations

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