Vance call sign NTHE

DE 387 Destroyer Escort
WDE 487 Coast Guard Destroyer Escort
DER 387 Destroyer Escort Radar Picket

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DE Years

How USS Vance DE 387 Got Her name
09.16.15  New information on U873  from Derek Waller
Escort Divisions A list of five divisions 06/25/99
Orders Received to Reduce Crew 07.19.2010
Coincidences of #387 found by the crew 05/18/2002
It don’t mean a thing,if it ain’t got that swing 07/11/2006
Coincidences of #387 04/09/2002
Billet Slip Explains duties of each sailor 11/08/99
Ozzie Henry Remembers 1943 11/27/2000
Destroyers Transit Canal On Way To US 11/08/99
The Coast Guard And The North Atlantic Campaign 03/05/2000
Skipper of the U-873... This is the sub Vance got. linked to a hand written note. 06/16/99
DEs fought against Japanese warships from the back of a picture 06/25/99
How U-234 Brought Its Deadly Secret Cargo to New Hampshire. 05/15/99
USS Vance DE-387 War diary for the month of May 1945 11/08/99
Coast Guardsman Finds Kin on U-Boat 11/08/99
U-Boat Spent Day In U.S. Harbor 11/08/99
Four Rhode Island Coast Guardsmen took part 11/08/99
A letter from: WM. Jack Jenkins 06/25/99
History of the U-873 on AOL
Brown Shipyard     03/15/2008
Tin Can Sailor History of Vance    04/23/2008
Irwin Megargee His son shares some of his dad's U-873 tid bits     06.07.2013

WDE Years

Collision at Sand Island 07/22/2003
June 1, 1952 02/09/2003
The Forgotten Years 1952-1954 A letter from James R. Kelly Capt. USCG Ret. 06/06/99
WDE Officers Identified A letter from James R. Kelly Capt. USCG Ret. 01/23/03

DER Years

Looking for a USS Vance weatherman 10.10.11
Kent Smith was left behind
Mercry Space Project 04/03/2007
Arnheiter Affair Section 09/14/03
Subic Fuel Barge back in 1969 And a little more 01/30/2007
Raisin Jack in the Forward Engineroom 02/13/2002
Escort Squadron 5 history of Haverfield with mention of Cortron 5 01/15/2001
Watch a DER RC model being built by Steve Buchanan Started on 01/14/2001 1/16/2003
Notes and Questions about the building of the Vance model  09/17/2003
The DEW Line Distant Early Warning System
The Rescue This is a true story.
Operation Market Time Coastal Patrol, Vietnam
Pacific Barrier, US Navy's role. E-mail facts from Luke 05/08/99
Pacific Barrier September, 1958 Extracted from the Willy Victor Page 05/09/99
Chapter 3: 1965-1968 Naval Historical Center 05/09/99

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Sunday, September 14,2003
This section contains stories which are mentioned in the Arnheiter Affair by Neil Sheehan, published by Random House, Inc., 1971.
Any and all accounts of the "99 days" Newspaper, records etc.
These entries are not all of Vance. They are from men who served under or with Arnheiter over the years which are mentioned in the book.

The original locations of stories found on this site. Docket No. ARMY 9600263
What is a Swift Boat's capacity (The Rescue) REactived
Distant Early Warning System REactivated
The Willy Victor Page REactivated
Naval Historical Center

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