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DE 387 Destroyer Escort
W 487 Coast Guard Destroyer Escort
DER 387 Destroyer Escort Radar Picket

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These pages encompass USS Vance 1943 - 1985

Vance steaming off Vietnam 1968

Photo by: Joseph Betters RM3, 1968
USS VANCE DER 387 (Destroyer Escort Radar Picket)
Steaming off the coast of Vietnam July 1968
Picture taken from the AE that I was unreped to.

From Destroyer Escort DE-387

DE-387 Vance (Edsall Class)
Laid down by Brown Shipbuilding, Houston on April 30 1943.
Launched July 16 1943 and commissioned November 1 1943. 
Stricken June 1 1975, Sunk as target in 1985. More

The information below is from:
The Ships and Aircraft of the United States Fleet 
by James C. Fahey
Associate, United States Naval Institute
Copyright , 1944,

A Texas built DE, one of forty-seven diesel-powered FMR's Turned out by Consolidated Steel at Orange. The Brown Yard at Houston built thirty-eight sisters. 

The Destroyer Escort Roster honors many Heroes of this War. Five hundred and sixty-five DE's and APD-conversions are slated to complete. A few were still building in early 1945. Completion's already double the last war's flush-decker programs. Many inland fabricators and seventeen shipyards participated in the DE effort. Typically, a Colorado iron works pre-fabricated sections of DE's erected at the Mare Island Yard. On an even larger scale inland outfits participated in the huge Landing Craft programs that ran with and followed the DE programs. The DE's break  into long and short-hull classes, further divided by machinery types. 

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TEV Turbo-electric drive, 5-inch guns
WGT Geared-turbine drive, 5-inch guns
TE Turbine-electric drive, 3-inch guns
FMR Geared-diesel, Fairbanks Morse reverse gear drive, 3-inch guns
DET Diesel-electric tandem-motor drive, Long-hull, 3-inch gun
GMT Diesel-electric tandem motor drive, short-hull

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TYPE (CLASS) FMR (Edsall-129)
Number Built 85
Tonnage Light 1,200
Full Load 1,490
Dimensions Length Overall 306' 0"
Beam 36' 10"
Maximum Draft 8' 7" (mean)
(dictionary of American Fighting Ships, Vol VII, (1981)
Machinery Horse Power 6,000
Speed No performance data released.
This information was printed during the war and was classified
21Knots dictionary of American Fighting Ships Vol VII, 1981
Armament Main Battery 3-3"/50
2 40mm., 8 20mm.
Torpedo Tubes 3-21" Triple
Crew 220

FMR CLASS DE's Hull Numbers 238-255, 316-338, 382-401

Through Summer 1943 Navies and Air Forces gained control of the Atlantic. As the U-Boat menace waned the DE program was curtailed. Landing Craft for the invasion of Europe took top priority. contracts for 305 DE's were canceled in September October 1943.

This was the armament in 1965 does anyone know when the changes took place?
Depth Charges When was the depth charge rack mounted?
Hedge Hog Probably replaced 1 forward gun mount. Does anyone know when?
Main Battery 2-3"/50 read above

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