A waving Coast Guard flag USS VANCE DE 387 A waving Navy flag from http://www.wardogs.com/
A waving Coast Guard flag USCGC VANCE W 487 A waving Coast Guard flag
A waving Navy flag from http://www.wardogs.com/ USS VANCE DER 387A waving Navy flag from http://www.wardogs.com/

July, 9, 2013, I received this news from Woodrow Cumby, YN3.
August 6, 2016 ship listings have moved to this new VA location Agent Orange shiplist.docx
Compensation, Veterans Exposed to Agent Orange web page
Vance is now listed on the Agent Orange Ships List on the publichealth.va.gov website.
The listing reads "Vance (DER-387) Entered inland Qui Nhon Bay on January 20, 1966"

August 6, 2016 The wording of this entry on the VA site has changed
Last Update: April 05, 2018

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After almost 15 years there needs to be a correction to the site.
Vance during her Coast Guard years was hull number W487 NOT WDE487.
However, offical CG documents address Vance as WDE487.

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